Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I wanted to share a few pictures of my girls.  We did this photo shoot a few weeks ago and the girls looked so cute.  Clara was reluctant to get too close to Alice for a picture, though.  In the one of them together, I had to bribe her with Smarties to get her to sit for it.   Alice kept drooling on her and Clara was freaking out, thinking it would get on her.  She definitely doesn't like for Alice to get too close to her.  Hopefully that will change, though! 

I've found a new place in my house to set up for a photo shoot.  I've been trying to find rooms with the best light and I think Alice's nursery is actually the best spot with the most room.  That's where we took these.  They're done with all natural light which was a challenge this day because the sun kept moving in and out of the clouds.  We had fun, though, and the girls were adorable!

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  1. What beautiful girls! How typical of the older sister - "no drooling please". LOL!